To extrude your complex medical tubing, we design and engineer our own proprietary tooling. Because Microspec’s machine shop is entirely in-house, our tooling experts respond more efficiently and precisely to a request for change. Our tooling:
  • Matches your exact design specifications, including outside and inside diameters (OD and ID), number of lumens, wall thickness and profile.
  • Compensates for the effect of process conditions, including pressure, temperature and material flow rates
Our machine shop includes:
  • Master CAM, which turns specifications into code and keeps generational information about previous runs
  • Wire EDM (electrical discharge machine) which turns the Master CAM code into precision cuts
  • Tools for maintaining Microspec’s equipment, including dryers and extruders, in peak condition
The precision of our proprietary tooling results from a collaborative effort involving Microspec’s manufacturing department; engineering and development department; and extrusion specialists.