Glossary Of Terms
Organic chemical compounds in which the carbon atoms are linked in open chains, including paraffins, olefins and acetylenes. Aliphatic compounds have lower unsaturation indices than aromatic compounds.

Tecoflex® is a family of medical-grade aliphatic polyether polyurethanes. They do not yellow and are available over a wide range of durometers, colors and radiopacifiers, including barium sulfate, bismuth salts and tungsten. The low durometer grades in particular may not be suitable for long-term implant applications because of the potential for stress cracking.

Property Measure Low Measure High
Specific gravity 0.0376 lb./in.3 (1.04 g/cc) 0.0466 lb./in.3 (1.29 g/cc)
Melting point 360°F (182°C) 400°F (204°C)
Glass transition temperature Not Applicable Not Applicable
Tensile strength at break 5640 psi (38.9 MPa) 8300 psi (57.2 MPa)
Elongation at break 307% 709%
Hardness durometer (Shore A) 72 94
Hardness durometer (Shore D) 51 67
Water absorption @ 24 hours Not Available Not Available
Sterilization Ethylene oxide (EtO)
Gamma radiation

This material data sheet is presented for reference only. For a specific application and environment, characteristics and performance may vary. Product design and suitability for use are the sole responsibility of Microspec’s customer. Microspec strongly urges customers to consult with the material manufacturer.