VESTAMID®, part of the nylon 12 family, combines elasticity, hardness, toughness, and low processing tolerances in the extrusion process. Because of its high bursting pressure and low sliding friction, VESTAMID is used, for example, to make dilation catheters.

Property Measure Low Measure High
Specific gravity 0.0365 lb./in.3 (1.01 g/cc) 0.0365 lb./in.3 (1.01 g/cc)
Melting point 352°F (178°C) 352°F (178°C)
Glass transition temperature Not Applicable Not Applicable
Tensile strength at break Not Available Not Available
Elongation at break 50% 50%
Hardness durometer (Shore A) Not Available Not Available
Hardness durometer (Shore D) Not Available Not Available
Water absorption @ 24 hours 1.6% 1.6%
Sterilization Steam

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