Nylon 12 is the most flexible and toughest nylon in dry conditions. When saturated in water, it becomes stiffer and more rigid than all other nylons. Whether wet or dry, it has the lowest abrasion. The crystallite melting point is lower than that of other nylons, giving nylon 12 the lowest heat distortion temperature and softening point. It resists high impact at low temperatures when dry but nylon 6 and 6,6 have better impact resistance when wet.

Nylon 12 is a copolymer and gets its name from the twelve carbons donated by each monomer.

Property Measure Low Measure High
Specific gravity 0.0343 lb./in.3 (0.950 g/cc) 0.0444 lb./in.3 (1.23 g/cc)
Melting point 257°F (125°C) 590°F (310°C)
Glass transition temperature 207°F (97°C) 378°F (192°C)
Tensile strength at break 2180 psi (15 MPa) 4930 psi (34 MPa)
Elongation at break 500% 500%
Hardness durometer (Rockwell R) 68 120
Hardness durometer (Shore D) 40 88
Water absorption @ 24 hours Not Available Not Available
Sterilization Steam

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